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Clevedon Clock Tower The Clock Tower in the Triangle, the centre of the main shopping Area in Clevedon. The Clock Tower was a gift to the town by Sir Edmund Harry Elton to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee. It was completed in 1898.

Clevedon Library The former St. John's Primary School, at the junction of Old Church Road and Hillside Road, was converted into the town Library when the School relocated in the early 1990s. The new Library building replaced two smaller libraries, one in a two story Victorian semi-detatched house next to the Clevedon Mercury premises in Linden Road, and a smaller branch library in Old Church Road.

Curzon Cinema The Curzon Cinema (Movie Theater) is, in it's own words, the oldest continuously used purpose-built cinema in Europe. Completed in 1923, the Cinema has gone through various hands, and been modified many times internally. The exterior is original, and still bears the damage from a bomb explosion in the last war. The Curzon is now run by a Community Trust, which took over from the previous owners when the group which ran the Cinema went into receivership. The intention is to restore the interior of the building, including the balcony, which currently is not used, and the Oak Room Cafe, in the upper part of the left-hand end of the building.

Clevedon Craft Centre Clevedon Craft Centre is a collection of old farm outbuildings in a farm on the 'country' side of the motorway which have been converted into small craft units. There is a web site which gives further information: Clevedon Craft Centre

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